Meet The Team


This year I will be working in Lucan as part of the staff team there. However, I will also be part of another team, the team of interns.

From the 29th to the 31st of august the team and I were holed up in Union Theological College in Belfast. There we received training that will be invaluable to our work as interns over the coming year. The week was challenging and difficult, but also great fun.

The purpose of this blog post is so that I can show you who the other interns on the scheme are, what they are doing, and how you can pray for them.

So meet Andrew:


Andrew is the youth intern in Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church. He will mostly be working with youth in the church. Focusing on integrating young people, who have just graduated out of the youth fellowships and clubs into adulthood, with the church finding them a place and a ministry. His favorite word is “Beezer-geezer”.

Pray that he can get settled into his new house, his new job and his new church quickly. That he can trust in God and have an effective and trusting ministry at Lowe.


Meet James:

James is the intern in Maynooth Community Church. James will be working with the youth in the church, running their Friday night youth programme. As well as helping out in general Church activities. James loves doing escape rooms in record times too!

You can pray for James that his planning and events all go well. Also that the church grows as they are hoping to purchase their own premises soon.


Meet Rachel:

Rachel has come over from America! She is working in Ballycrochan Presbyterian Church. Rachel is very passionate about getting more youth into the church so that they can hear more about God.

Pray that she can get heavily involved with the church and that they listen well as she teaches them about our God who loves them so so much.


Meet Sarah:

Sarah is working in Ballysillan Presbyterian Church as well as in Friendship House! She is going to have a busy year ahead. Sarah’s favourite thing to do is to make fun of James for being so tall.

Pray that she can work with the church and the leaders already there. That she can encourage them and help to disciple them as they themselves disciple others!


Thank you guys so much for your prayer and your thoughts! Your kind messages mean so much!

God bless!


What’s The Plan


So as many people know I will be heading to Lucan Presbyterian church to be their youth intern for the coming year. I will also be studying theology at Irish Bible Institute, it’s going to be a busy year!

My hope for this blog is that this would be a way of letting people back home know what I’m up to and to let people know what I need prayer for. This year will have many unique challenges, some I will have faced before. However, there will be many that I will not have faced before and will need much prayer for.

With all that in mind the only thing I ask if you read this blog is that you pray for me!

God bless,

Ryan Urquhart
P.s. I apologise for my spelling and grammar!