Ding, Ding…

Click, boom. Powerful lights illuminate the dusty canvas of the boxing ring. The excited crowd begins to cheer as the fighters walk in. They take their places opposite each other in the ring. All the months of training, all the hours in the gym have been leading up to these few rounds.

Ding, ding… The fight is on.


Its funny how often the outcome of our lives is decided in a few very small moments: an exam, an interview, the bending of a knee, a night spent in a dimly lit hospital room. However, just as the boxing match isn’t won in the ring our lives aren’t won in those moments. Rather they’re won by the work we put in behind the scenes. Boxers spend hours in the gym, doing speed and strength exercises, sharpening their reflexes so that when they finally enter that ring they are as ready as they can be.

My work in Lucan Presbyterian is decided in these key moments, a conversation over coffee, the moments after a youth group, a random text. Just as a boxer has to train for their fight I need to train for these moments. I need to spend months, hours, reading my bible, working hard at my studies at IBI, praying, building relationships. All to make the most of the few moments that come my way.

While these moments are so important they are nowhere near as important as the time spent working for them. If I don’t read and study how can I live a life worthy of Christ; a life that shows others they can trust me? If I don’t build relationships with people how can I have those conversations that require familiarity and trust? If I don’t pray how will I have the strength to carry on?

That is where the real fight is, in the day-to-day work I have to do. I can go months without a key moment, but I still need to keep ‘training’. I need to keep the motivation to get up everyday and work, to get better so that when a moment presents itself I can make the most of it. Motivation is key, I need to have the drive to keep going, the drive to keep improving, never settling for what I have but always striving for more. That’s the real struggle.

This is where I need the most help, from others and especially from God. I need people around me who are constantly pushing me to be more. I need people praying for me, and I need God to strengthen and motivate me. Without it I am liable to give up on improving and settle for half-hearted moments, and a half-hearted ministry.

The unfortunate thing is the fight doesn’t get easier. There is always something else to improve, something else to work on, something else to learn. When I reach one peak I become more aware of the rest of the peaks still out there that I need to climb, more personal bests to achieve. All so that when I arrive at one of those key moments I dont mess it up.

So please, I beg, pray for me in this, pray that I am motivated, energised, committed. Pray that I can wake up each day, see the ‘training’ I have to do, the mountain I have to climb, and that I can run at it full speed. Pray that I can make the most of all these moments that come my way, that my ministry isn’t half-hearted.

I’m in the second half of my intern year at Lucan Presbyterian. I’ve settled in, I’m in the flow now, but I cant just go with it, I need to keep pushing on for more and more. I need to keep improving my work with MAD, trying to teach them more and more about God. Capitalising on the relationships I have forged so that I can show people the God that loves them more and more. So please keep praying for me, because I cannot do it alone, I am not enough, I need my coach, my motivation, my Lord.

Thank you guys for praying for me and keeping me in your thoughts, it means a lot!

God bless.


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